2011 Season

Skate-icus: gladiators of the flat track, season final double header - 22 October

SkateicusCRDL certainly saw the 2011 season out with a bang! Congrats to the Red Bellied Black Hearts for taking the title of 2011 season champions! What a great game! The Black ‘N’ Blue Belles certainly gave them a run for their money, what a heart stopper! Also congrats to the Surly Griffins taking 3rd place over the hard hitting hillbillies the Brindabelters! Two great games of derby in one night, what more could you ask for?!

Red Bellied Black Hearts 138 - Black 'n' Blue Belles 134

Surly Griffins 142 - Brindabelters 130

Bout write ups and photos can be viewed here


Eastern Region Roller Derby Tournament final - 1 October

Congratulations to our Vice City Rollers for their Grand Final win last night over Sydney Roller Derby League’s Sydney Assassins. The two teams played off in the final of the Eastern Region Roller Derby (ERRD) Tournament in Penrith. The VCRs won 124 – 83, a win that was well deserved as the VCRs were undefeated for the entire tournament.

Photos can be found here by Roaringstorm Photography


Brindabelters V Black 'n' Blue Belles - 24 September



Surly Griffins V Red Bellied Black Hearts - 27 August

Surly Griffins V Red Bellied Black Hearts 2011The bout was fast and aggressive from the start with the opening jam lasting only 45 seconds. The Griffs came out strong and hard with Rainbow Spite taking lead jammer status immediately forcing the Black Hearts to work hard to release their contained jammer, Fauna Cat. The Griffs set the pace from the get go, showing their determination to be victorious, however the Black Hearts quickly got into the groove. Both teams, demonstrating lessons learned from past losses, executed formidable walls and well practiced pair work. Jammers were forced to work hard for every point.

This bout was the perfect opportunity for both teams to showcase upcoming jammers including Bebe Aggressive from the Black Hearts and the Griff’s Ginger Nutcase. The final score was 87 to 144 to the Black Hearts. 

Full bout write up and photos can be found here


Fire and Vice: CRDL Vice City Rollers V SSRG Fancy Pants - 6 August

CRDL’s Vice City Rollers bravely took on the Sun State Roller Girls’ Fancy Pants on Saturday night at the AIS Arena. SSRG’s Fancy Pants is currently ranked number two on the Australian derby scene, losing only narrowly to Victoria Roller Derby League twice in the last year. Saturday’s bout was the first time the CRDL and SSRG rep teams have played against each other, so it was a highly anticipated event for both leagues. The AIS Arena was packed out with the Canberra home crowd and members of the SSRG ‘Beer Squad’ who had traveled down from Brisbane. With a final score of 181 to 48 the Fancy Pants took a convincing win over the VCRs, showing us exactly why they are one of Australia leading teams! While the VCRs trailed far behind on the score board it was still an exciting bout with a number of stand out moments of skater skill and strategic pack play. A full bout write up can be read here

Meanwhile, check out VCR’s epic roll out on youtube and Bullseye Bettie’s bout photos here.

Other reviews and Media: The Nocturnalist, ABC 666

Other photos by Mark Turner on Flicker



CRDL Vice City Rollers V NBR Brawl Stars - 9 July

NBR double headerThe Vice City Rollers stoush with the Northern Brisbane Brawl Stars was fast-paced, aggressive and exciting to the last whistle. Both teams rolled onto the track ready to tangle, hitting hard in the first few jams. This is the first time the two teams have faced each other and it was clear in the early jams they were sizing up the skill and tactics of their opponents. Early on, the teams were running quick jams and scores were neck and neck. The VCRs appeared to be pulling a few major penalties with Aunty Aggro and Amykazeee going to the sin bin within the first five jams.

With ten minutes left in the first half the scores were even, but the VCRs, having found their feet, began to pull away. By the half time whistle the scores were VCRs 77 to NBR 41. While the VCRs dominated the second half of the game, it never ceased to be exciting with plenty great tactical moves, jammers engaging off the start line and dynamic pack work from both teams. The final scores were VCRs 176 to NBR 75.

Full bout write up and photos can be found here.


Eastern Region Roller Derby Tournament round two - 24/25 June

The first bout had Western Sydney Rollers (WSR) up against the Vice City Rollers (VCRs). In nearly every jam in the first half, the VCRs secured lead jammer status and they used this to their advantage, waiting until the WSR jammer was just about to enter the pack for a point scoring pass before calling the jam off. This strategy worked well and the half time score was 150 to VCRs and 0 to WSR.

WSR jammers had been working hard all bout and the crowd acknowledged by cheering madly for them. Another jam later on saw King Cam in the bin giving WSR a power jam and they used this to their full potential scoring another 4 points. VCRs didn’t let them have the points easily though, forcing a fast pack so WSR had to work hard. The final score was 309 to VCRs and 11 to WSR.

The second bout for the VCRs saw them up against the SRDL Assassins in what perhaps might have been the grudge match of the year. VCRs game plan seemed to be a case of every point counts and to stop the Assassins scoring anything. Jammers would be calling off the jam as they’d be passing the back of the pack in the hopes that they’d grab a sneaky point while ensuring the other jammer hot on their heels wouldn’t score at all. This meant the score was quite low, though the VCRs maintained a lead throughout the game. The half time score was 43-27 to VCRs.

The Assassins started closing the gap in the second half. Both teams were controlling the packs well, slowing and speeding up depending on the strategy they were employing and it was edge-of-your-seat viewing. The Assassins scored more in the second half but VCRs held their lead resulting in a final score of 99-87.

Full bout write up can be found here


Red Belllied Black Hearts V Black 'n' Blue Belles - 18 June



Surly Griffins V Brindabelters - 28 May



Eastern Region Roller Derby Tournament round one - 14/15 May

VCRs at ERRD round one 2011Saturday and Sunday saw our Vice City Rollers take on the rep teams from Newcastle Roller Derby League and Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby for Round 1 of the ERRD Tournament. The Rollers made a big impact from the moment they hit the stadium in their new neon green singlets. Throughout the tournament they maintained strong leads, tidy pack work and worked effectively as a fast paced team confident in their abilities.

The first game saw the VCRs take on Newcastle Roller Derby League and they quickly took a strong lead in the first 2 jams which they maintained till end when they left the track with a win somewhere between 166- 156 to 66.

The second game was against Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby and was set to be a much more physical and aggressive game. But right from the first jammer whistle the Rollers proved themselves once again to be the stronger team. The final score was VCRs 266 to WIRD 107.


Red Bellied Black Hearts V Brindabelters - 30 April

Red Bellied Black Hearts 114 - Brindabelters 110.


Surly Griffins V Black 'n' Blue Belles - 2 April

Surly Griffins V Black 'n' Blue Belles 2011Canberra Roller Derby League’s 2011 local season opener on Saturday 2 April set the tone for things to come as last year’s champion teams the Surly Griffins and Black n Blue Belles took each other on at the Tuggeranong Southern Cross Stadium.  Right from the first jam when well-known power blocker and Griffin Aunty Aggro stepped up to steal lead jammer status from Belles Captain ShortStop, these well matched teams gave the massive crowd a whole lot to cheer for, thanks to super fast jammers and hard hitting packs. This bout also saw new skaters on both teams take to the track for their first public bout.

Both teams saw massive power jams.  Soon after half time, Cassatrophic added 23 points to the score board for the Griffins securing their lead.  And in the last jam of the bout the mighty Short Stop delivered 18 well earned points for the Belles, bringing the final score to 150 – 132 in favour of the Surly Griffins.


Skate Fatale: CRDL Vice City Rollers V VRDL All-Stars - 19 March

The Vice City Rollers went up against Victorian Roller Derby League's All-Stars at the AIS in front of a crowd of 3500! The final score was 166 - 67 to the All-Stars.