The Black Hearts look towards the season ahead

With the Jolly Roger flapping overhead and the crew readying the guns, we had the opportunity to talk about Canberra Roller Derby League’s 2015 season to LegoLass and Faunacat, the new Captain and First Mate of the Red Bellied Black Hearts.

Image of Legolass

The Black Hearts are looking forward to a big season of plunder and pillage with a few new tricks up their sleeve.  

The Black Hearts have always had a strong presence on the track with Bambi Von Smash’er (playing with Team Australia at the 2014 World Cup), Bohemeth Rhapsody and Bubble O’Kill  returning for the 2015 season, along with many other familiar names.  But with the loss of Kat A Wall, Iggy Bloc, Jaxhammer, Lethal Loz, Valentine Vixen, and the Big Dakuna this season, as well as Flying Foxy taking some shore leave, the Black Hearts are looking to change their playing style.  

During the off-season, the crew have been putting a lot of work into the development of new skills.  “The Black Hearts’ style of play is constantly evolving,” explained Lego.  “We’ve been going to a lot of bootcamps and playing off-season games.  We have a lot to bring this year,” agreed Fauna.

“It’s good to have a big presence but it also needs to be controlled and strong”, explained Fauna.  “We’ve been working on different ways of taking over and controlling the track.”

The Black Hearts are also excited to be welcoming new crew.  With drafts on the horizon, the Black Hearts will be looking for some stout hearts and brave souls to skate under the black and red.

Image of Faunacat

But the crew hasn’t forgotten about putting fear into the hearts of the crews that cross them.  The Black Hearts are renowned for their epic roll outs before each game--but it turns out they are pretty spontaneous.  “We have a theatrical side,” explained Fauna.  “One of the crew will have an idea and it comes together organically.”

“As we work on it, it gets more and more epic,” said Lego.

It’s important that a strong crew waiting on the dock for them when they return and the Black Hearts draw their support from their families as well as their fans. “We have a lot of social events with the crew,” said Lego.  “It’s important to the team that their families are involved and they know what the crew is doing.”

The Black Hearts’ first game of the 2015 season is on 28 March.  It’s a repeat of the 2014 grand final bout against the Surly Griffins.  With the Griffs having repelled the Black Hearts’ boarders last year, the Black Hearts are out for revenge and they are promising to send the Griffs to visit Ol’ Davy Jones.  You can buy your tickets right here!    

All photos courtesy of Canberra Roller Derby League sponsor D-eye Photography