CRDL Juniors trip to Port Macquarie

The Bible Basher reports:

Last weekend we had 10 junior skaters make the trip up the Pacific Highway to Port Macquarie to compete in Eastern Region Roller Derby’s event for juniors, male, and co-ed teams, Smackdown Reloaded.  43 kids from different leagues were divided up into four teams, with an age-range of teeny tiny 8-year-olds up to tall 17-year-olds. The smaller kids were fearless, while the bigger kids were very gentle and fair with the little ones, and great sportsmanship was displayed by all.

Every single junior game was exciting, with close scores, lead changes, big hits, apex jumps, great teamwork, and all-around amazing derby.  I even heard some comments that the juniors’ games were more exciting than the seniors’! (Yay juniors!)

Image of CRDL Juniors at Port Macquarie
Photo by Bible Basher

Our 10 skaters were divided between the four teams.


Scarmageddon - Scar has some amazing skills both in blocking and jamming. She was very effective and gave all she had every game. Many times she singlehandedly held up the jammer.  She captained the red team on the first day.

Angel Backstab (formally Mega Masher) - Backstab had a great three games. She made sure her team reset quickly to form a hard wall. She was a strong blocker for her team. Backstab was awarded MVP for her team in game one.
Tainted Halo - Tainted started off a bit shy and nervous on the track but by the third game she put her hand up to jam. (Us mums were so proud of her.) She read the play really well and just knew where to be on the track.


SeaBash - SeaBash has some great skills. He is very quick and it was hard for blockers to stop him when he was jamming. He pulled off a couple of great apex jumps. He captained the blue team for the first day.

Madam Hell Fire - Hell Fire was a delight to watch. She ended up being one of the main jammers for her team. She had a 29 point jam!! There's not much of her but what she has is super strong. The huge smile on her face every time she got through the pack was priceless. Hell Fire was awarded MVP for her second game.

Camazon - Cam is a very strong skater. When she jammed she easily sliced her way through the pack.  She is a machine when it comes to blocking. Wherever the jammer was so was Cam. Cam was awarded MVP for blocking for her team for the whole tournament.


MissConduct - Duckie played 2 out of her 3 games. Whatever position she was in she was strong. She was always very aware of what was happening around her and put herself in the right place at the right time. Unfortunately Duckie had a nasty fall in her 2nd game and got a small fracture in her eye socket - but this didn't stop her enthusiasm on the second day, as she stayed energetic and involved by benching instead.

Curly Burly - Curly is our oldest skater at 17 and her skills are amazing. She is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to blocking. Curly showed great sportsmanship on the track when she was blocking the teeny tiny skaters. (Some only came up to her waist, if that.) Curly was awarded MVP for blocking for her team for the whole tournament.


Scary Floss - Scary had a great tournament.  From memory I think she got lead jammer nearly every time she jammed. When blocking she was great at chasing the jammer out of the pack.  Scary is another one who always has a beautiful smile on her face. Scary was awarded MVP in her first game.

Beathoven - Beaty is a little firecracker on the track. He LOVES jamming and whips through the pack in a flash. If he was held up he would step back and go again. I remember one apex jump that us mums went crazy over. He was not afraid to lay some hard hits on the bigger players.

The juniors' mums and dads had a great weekend too, getting to know each other better and cheering our champions on. We all got shirts made and are now known as MADDs (Mums And Dads of Derby). 

Image of the junior's dadsImage of the juniors' mums
Photos by Matt Moncrieff

We had two injuries: one was MissConduct's fractured eye socket, and the other Scary Floss' from a big fall at the skate park on the way home. She broke three teeth and got a bad concussion. Lesson learnt; ALWAYS wear your mouth guard.

All the kids had an amazing weekend and I think they would do it again this weekend if they could. Not one of the 43 kids was left out. Everyone became friends and I'm sure there have been a lot of friend requests sent out on Facebook.  One girl from another league was crying at the end of the weekend. She was heard saying, "I'm not upset, these are happy tears. I've found where I belong."  Just writing that brings tears to my eyes.

Thank you, roller derby!

Image of MVP Angel Backstab

MVP - Angel Backstab
Photo by Bible Basher

Image of MVP Madam Hell Fire

MVP - Madam Hell Fire
Photo by Bible Basher

Image of MVP Scary Floss

MVP - Scary Floss
Photo by Bible Basher


Tournament MVP - Camazon



Tournament MVP - Curly Burly