The Bayliff

Team Zulu
5'6" / 167cm
Year joined: 
Favourite position: 
Outer Pack Ref (so far)
How hard could it be?
Roller Skating! drawing, riding my motorcycle, reading comics, autumn, stickers, custard, ice-cream, chicken parma, coffee, Dungeons and Dragons, cartoons, afternoon naps, bluetooth, wifi, lifting heavy things, the ocean, the colours blue and green, the number 27, gadgets, getting presents, magpies, the "Welcome to Nightvale" podcast, writing lists.
Licorice, lactose, people talking with their mouths full, "pad stank", more of the Triple J playlist every year (getting old), crowds, rego, the neighbour's dog, George R. R. Martin (WRITE ANOTHER BOOK ALREADY), the wait time for semi-custom Bonts skates, motorcycle not starting, low petrol light when I'm late for work, not roller skating earlier than 2013.
Broke my left wrist falling out of a tree when I was little, and fractured the same wrist last year while trying to learn to skate, before joining CRDL.
Favourite book: 
Gosh... trying to pick just one. so, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
I'm a computer programmer by trade, and an Introvert with a capital "I". I only caught the skating bug because my partner, Monkey Magic, started fresh-meat last year and I was jealous. So I bought a pair of skates to keep her company, and I've been hooked ever since! I skated a little bit as a very young fellow (up to age 11) - the kind that you strap your shoes into. And then 10 years after that I had a brief and unsuccessful time on inline skates. Now I'm 40, and it seems like the best time of my life to zoom around with wheels strapped to my feet.

As referees go, I'm still pretty green, but I'm chuffed that my first public appearance was as an outer pack ref for CRDL's 2013 Double Header Grand Final, and I'm looking forward to gaining experience and confidence in the years to come.