Bubble O'Kill

Red Bellied Black HeartsVice City Rollers
Skater Number: 
Year joined: 
Favourite position: 
Anything that allows me to hit and giggle.
Innocence is part of my charm. The other part is being a complete psycho.
Rollercoasters. A lot. Last count was 67 different coasters worldwide including the tallest coaster on earth.
Angry people, bitchy resting faces.
Dislocated tail bone, grade 2 tear of my MCL, and a broken finger (derby after parties can be dangerous…)
Favourite book: 
The Magic Faraway Tree (good old Dick and Fanny!)
Following the philosophy of 'growing old is compulsory, but growing up is optional,' Bubbles was born laughing and chooses to make the most of every minute. Jumping out of planes, diving under the ocean, or hitting the track with the big kids, she is always on the look-out for that next opportunity to scream "Waaaaahoooooo!!!" Beware however - behind the smile is a fiercely competitive nature and a thirst for vengeance...
CRDL Career Highlights: 
Featured Skater, November 2013
Vice Captain of the Red Bellied Black Hearts 2014