Mae Q Sqwheel

Black 'n' Blue Belles
Skater Number: 
5'9" and feeling fine...
Year joined: 
Favourite position: 
Solid and low on the track, after smashing you out.
Name is as Mae does, and I will Mae Q Sqwheel!
Being on 8 wheels. And cuddles... there's always time for cuddles. Now shut up and hug me or I'll hip check you!
Never ending physio excercises, excuses instead of action, lack of tomatos and garlic, poor speling and grammar. OH NO, I mean "spelling"!!
A butt-load of bruising, track burn on my shoulders and various knee related fun! I think the solution is hydraulic legs...
Favourite book: 
School home readers - I'm totally up to the purple level now!!
Some say she tames mountain lions on the weekend and that she was the second gunman on the grassy knoll. Others say she never blinks and is easy confused by stairs. All we know is her damn shoulders are pointy and they HURT!
CRDL Career Highlights: 
Featured Skater, October 2012