Seath Lord

Team Zulu
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Fide et Fortitudine. (By Faith and by Fortitude. We force nae friend, we fear nae foe), our clan motto
Moon sized space stations, baking (mmm tasty treats), gaming (both tabletop and computer, such a geek), heavy metal \m/, overseas travel and Batman, always Batman.
Jedi, The Rebellion, long periods on the pivot line doing the dance of our people, glitter NSO t-shirts, bad drivers and poor movie adaptations of great books.
Only pride at this stage
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Hmm that’s tricky. There are so many good books out there but anything by Richard Laymon, Brent Weeks, Shane McKenzie, Terry Pratchett or by many various splatter gore authors
After spending 8 years in hospitality cooking my way to the top I succumbed and became a public servant to regain some of my sanity back. I joined CRDL after being dragged along by Drakecula, enjoying the game and wanting to get involved. Eventually I’d like to ref but I can’t skate yet but I’m working on it!