The Surly Griffins line up for another strong year

After tough seasons in 2012 and 2013, the Canberra Roller Derby League’s Surly Griffins came roaring back in 2014 to win the grand final.  Will 2015 see the Surly Griffins carry off the premiership for a second time?Image of Harlot

Surly Griffin captain for 2015, Harlot O’Scara, thinks so.  With only one departure from the team roster in 2015 and the return of some experienced skaters, 2015 promises to be another strong year.  

“We are in a very fortunate position to have kept nearly all of the Griffins from 2014,” said Harlot.  

The departure of Strawberry Punch is countered by the return of veteran Surly Griffin blocker Skanky Pants, reinforcing a Griffs roster little changed since 2013.

The stability and experience in the Griffs’ roster was a key part of their success in 2014.  “We only took on one new skater for each of the 2013 and 2014 seasons,” explained Surly Griffin vice-captain Drakecula.  

Fearsome blocker and 2014 recruit Madamage was a valuable addition to the Griffs’ line-up.  “She was already an established and skilled skater,” said Drakecula, “[So] we could focus on winning.”

The stability in the Griffs’ playing roster means in 2015, they will be looking to build the bench coach role.  “We are also looking at adding skaters to the jammer rotation,” said Harlot.   

It’s not just the Griffs’ roster that is important.  Determination was a big part of the Griffs’ 2014 success.  “We wanted it last year,” said Drakecula.  Harlot agrees. “We certainly had a point to prove,” she said.

“It’s awesome to look up and see so many people in green.”

While determination and experience play a big role in the Griffs’ strength, there might be some other secrets as well.  “When we have fun, we play well,” said Drakecula. “As long as we are having a good time it will be reflected in our gameplay and on the scoreboard,” she said.  “We take the game seriously, but try not to take ourselves too seriously,” added Harlot.

The fans play a big part too.  “I love our fans.  It’s awesome to look up and see so many people in green,” said Harlot. “Keep coming to games!  Keep ringing those bells!”

Harlot and Drakecula also see an opportunity to involve their fans more. “I’d love to see them jump on our Facebook page!,” said Harlot.  “We’d love to hear them make up a cheer for us,” said Drakecula.  “Or even suggest a roll out song!”

The Surly Griffins’ first game is on 28 March in a grand final replay against the Red Bellied Black Hearts.  You can buy your tickets right here!  

The Griffs are looking forward to seeing you there!

All photos courtesy of Canberra Roller Derby League sponsor D-eye Photography