Red Bellied Black Hearts

Red Bellied Black Hearts team photo 2013

Bambi von Smash'er • Bohemeth Rhapsody • Bubble O'Kill
FaunaCatFlyin’ Foxy • HurtE Gerrtie • Killie Jean
Lady Von Whack 'n' Smack • LegoLass • Lola DeVille • Lovelle
Missile Crisis • Punky • Rolene Misfit
Roxie dieHart • Shazaram • Shrieking Violet • Sue R Rat

A motley crew,
With hearts black as night;
Quick as a snake, 
They'll rise to the fight. 
As stunning as sirens, 
As fierce as the sea;
The Black Hearts will rise to victory!

2010 season - third place
2011 season - first place
2012 season - second place
2013 season - third place
2014 season - second place
2015 season - first place


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